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The startling reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos sweets, made famous in thousands of YouTube videos, finally has a scientific explanation.

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Science teachers started experimenting (as they like to do) with other candies and mints that would have the same effect when dropped into a bottle of soda.In this lesson, Mentos candy and different types of soda are used to show examples of nucleation, surface tension, surface area, polar attractions, and supersaturated.If you want a more specific measurement, use chalk to mark off 1-foot increments on the brick wall before you drop the Mentos into the bottle of soda.It also means changing some factors may cause a larger or smaller physical reaction to take place.What causes diet coke to It is well documented that Mentos and Diet Coke will cause an eruption of soda.This is because the Diet Coke, Different.

Be sure that the soda bottles are all the same brand and type.However, I must admit that even with the Baby Soda Bottle method, the results were not very consistent and it was challenging to get away from the bottle before it exploded.

Hose off any part of a building that was splashed with Diet Coke.

As the molecules move faster, they diffuse out of the liquid, leaving less gas dissolved in that liquid.

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Eric is about to drop the roll of mentos candies into the open bottle of diet cola.This shows that mixing sodas together causes the height of the reaction to decline.What is the effect of temperature on the height of the geyser.

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Well, how about trying something new to it, how about a condom.Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment Design Before any experiment can be performed, background research must be done, a hypothesis must be made, and an experiment must be.

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Then repeat this activity three times, with the bottle in front of the tape-marked wall, video taping it each time.Check to make sure your measuring scale is in place (counting bricks or using an alternative scale against the wall).Diet Coke and Mentos- Geyser Optimization Matt Nabity and Elizabeth Untiedt Interdisciplinary Lesson Middle School, Grade 8 Duration: One 90-minute block and one 45.While I had performed variations of the Mentos Geyser experiment on television many times from 2001 to 2004, my performance of the demo in September of 2005 in the backyard of NBC affiliate KUSA-TV in Denver proved to be the tipping point as the demo went from relative obscurity to Internet sensation.Unfortunately, Kim got so caught up in the fun that she forgot to do both. and got soaked in Diet Coke on live television.Was the eruption higher when whole Mentos candies were used compared with crushed candies.

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To get the best results in a science experiment you need to standardize the test conditions as much as possible.

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Have you ever seen the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment that is all over the Internet and wondered what makes the reaction work.

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The real learning takes place when you start to change one variable at a time to see how it affects the performance of the geyser.Drop Mentos into a bottle of soda and run away from the 20 foot geyser.

The trigger pin at the bottom of the tube prevented the Mentos from falling into the bottle until you pulled the string attached to the pin.A roll or box of Mentos chewy mints (stick with the standard mint flavor for now).In the Diet Coke bottle the Mentos candy provides a rough surface that allows the bonds between the carbon dioxide gas and water to break more easily, helping to create carbon dioxide bubbles.

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One method for doing this is to roll a piece of paper into a tube just big enough to hold the loose Mentos.But the amazing eruption that takes place when Mentos are dropped into Diet Coke or other brands of diet soda pop is not a chemical reaction at all.

The gas released by the Mentos literally pushes all of the liquid up and out of the bottle in an incredible soda blast.Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.Some people fashioned a tube out of paper while others used a piece of plastic tubing to load the Mentos.Sign Up Share Latest Every Issue. Every Year. 1845 - Present Neuroscience. Evolution. Health. Chemistry. Physics. Technology.

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The biggest challenge in the Mentos Geyser experiment is finding a consistent way to drop the Mentos into the soda every time.Drop an object like a raisin or a piece of uncooked pasta into a glass of soda and notice how bubbles immediately form on the surface of the object.

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Extra: What other factors affect the size of the Mentos and Diet Coke eruption.Diet Coke and Mentos: What is really behind this physical reaction.Then step back without tipping the bottle over or disturbing the reaction.Line up where the opening of the bottle is with the opening of your cartridge.That means that all of the pieces of the reaction are there, but that they are simply rearranged.

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